Missing chips

in the last 30 mins i have have twice left a room with chips only to find a zero balance when i exit the room. first time i lost about 3000 and second time around 4500. what is going on ?

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I’ve merged all the reported issues into one topic, as they all relate to the same thing.

Sorry for the delay in replying, I wanted to make sure I got my facts straight before responding, so I’ve just finished speak to the tech guys.

We ran into a technical problem this afternoon, that delayed the updating of player bank records when they left the table (this affected all players for a short period of time).

The bank records are updating normally again now, but those players that were affected, we still need to update their delayed bank records.

We’re currently working on this and I’ll post an ETA shortly as to when we think it will be resolved (hopefully in the next hour or two).

Thanks for your patience, and apologies on behalf of the team for disruption to your game today - thankfully no chips were lost and no kittens harmed.

We’ll be having a debriefing later today to discuss how we can avoid a situation like this happening again in the future.


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Jonttu, TooBad - see my update above. Should be resolved shortly.

I think i,m about 24K down as well

Im am MILLSVETTE and have alot of my chips missing. I have sent 2 request abut this issue. I had over 180k now only 54k. I want my chiips back

harrycat, MILLSVETTE - don’t worry, you’ll get every last chip back, there’s just a delay in processing the transactions, but they’ll hit your account very soon. Thanks for your patience!

Besides my missing chips problem, I just received a message from Get Satisfaction that a new account has been opened in the name of TooBad at the same email address.

What is going on?

i have missing chips to about 46 mil paul gould

Just a quick update:

So the issue affected any player between 12:21 and 14:05 EDT who left a table with chips. Those chips aren’t showing in your account currently.

Our ETA is 1 hour max to have every account showing the correct balance.

Thanks for your patience!

TooBad: With GetSatisfaction, we have it set up to automatically create you an account if you’re coming, logged in, from the ReplayPoker website (that way, players don’t need to register separately). It sounds like you already had a GetSatisfaction account separately, but then clicked through from the ReplayPoker site and it’s created you a new one. Is that possible?

I received the following message:

We’re excited to have you with us, TooBad!

We just created an account for you to participate in the ReplayPoker community, powered by Get Satisfaction. This account uses the name and email address:

Name: TooBad

Email: info@englishplease.nl

The best way to get started in the community is to just jump right in and participate!

Get started. ReplayPoker

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hey there this crap happened to me last nite I did not no who to contact about it so im glad I found this page to respond iwas in your Halloween tourn last nite I had aclub flush queen hi but somehow igot beat by a straight to the teni lost26000 chips on that hand and got khocked out can anything be done about that or what please reply thankyou

I understand that this can happen, i hope ill get my 43 mill back :slight_smile: Just a shame that i wont or dare to play until i see the chips again. Keep up the good work, very nice site you have here! Best Regards