Missing chips

your system closed about 1 hour ago lost all ships

You have to wait till next week for check up by staff member.

In this forum, no server crash reported. I cant confirm this as not in play thet time.

Was before, " event of server crash, the hands in play anulled, the chips returned to the previous state" Im not sure this rule still apply. so, thet mean, if you got any chips in the pot, if server crash, the chips returned from pot to the rightfull owner. The servers should not crash these days … RP did switch to a better one’s recently.


Just checked your account and it looks fine now. Can you confirm if the issue fixed itself? We did have a short period of downtime yesterday when perhaps you couldn’t access the site, or perhaps it caused a short delay before the site updated with the correct number of chips.

If you still think there’s a problem, please let us know as much information about what happened. For example which table you were playing on before you think the chips disappeared. If possible check your Activity Report here: http://www.replaypoker.com/activity to try and pinpoint when the problem occurred.

Best, Paul