Missing chips too!

I keep winning ,and not getting the chips. Yesterday i won a ticket,and used it for the gt 1m mtt. The ticket was taken and 15k from my balance. I think i made a mistake and registered twice. So i just say for get about it. I played a couple ring games and when i leave the page, notice the chips i won don’t show up. It has also happen at and sng i won today. I win, no chips!!! So now i come in 2nd in Happy New year 2014 freeroll, and no chips!

Happy New Year 2014 - 300,000 chip

Tournament ID: #159022 Tournament Finished Winners 1st JWBlack 69,000 chip 2nd SteveGT3

3rd yakota

4th bkidd

So far I’ve lost close to 100k, by it just disappearing. Can I get those chips or no? Also i notice that my rank goes up even tho i win. i win at ring , i win sng , i win in freeroll and my rank goes from 4000 to 7000 now, what is going on i dont understand!

At the moment there are a couple of problems on the site, when you leave the table the chips stay in hold, not added to your bankroll, pay-out of tourneys in hold, and updating probably also.

The tech-team is working on it, really hope it will be resolved soon, than the chips will be added to your bank again.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for your patience.

Greetings Happiness.