Minimum Buy-In Increase Problem

So, I sat down at a 5/10 table, and 10 minutes in, I bought another 500 chips into my spot at the table. Then, I stand up. Afterward, I sit back down again, but instead of a minimum of 500 chips, which is what it says at the main screen, it says that I can only buy in for a minimum of 1270 chips, which is NOT what I want to do. Please fix this! Thanks.

Hi qwertyuio999,

I assume you left the table with 1270 chips (that is more than the min buy-in) in that case you can not return with less chips to that table in the first hour.

It is done so players can not put their winnings on the bank and start again with an amount between the min-max buy-in on the same table.

Hope this helps. Greetings Happiness.

Yes, it does. Thank you very much!