Mimicking Cash Games? Winner Take ALL?

I haven’t given this much thought, but what if RP offered a winner take all tourney. If the buy-in was say, one million chips, I suspect the tourney would play more like a cash tourney than anything else on RP, from start to finish.

Anybody willing to pony up a large stack to play isn’t very likely to play much bingo. A very large stack of chips is difficult, or expensive, to accumulate. Anybody who makes it to the last half of the players has invested so much time and possibly money, they are much less likely to play recklessly. Of course the solution to that is raise the entry fee.


At the lower stakes you could do the same thing, but put a cap on how many chips a player is holding so that a player with 50 million chips is prevented from playing in the tourney for players with stacks between say 100K to 250K, or maybe a tourney, like they have now, for new players only.

In closing, I am reminded of the 2004 “Tournament of Champions”. It was incredibly entertaining to watch, and I am sure stressful to play from start to finish. Had it been any other format I am not sure Duke would have won.

I don’t think the effect would be different from the existing I million buy-in tourneys, where there are about 20 entrants and prize money for 3 or 4 places. It is still quite difficult to get into the money.