Migration of our Get Satisfaction community

In the next few weeks we’ll be moving over all the content from our old home at Get Satisfaction to this category.

There’s lots of valuable suggestions and comments that we’d hate to lose, hence we’re making the extra effort to move everything across. As you can imagine it’s not a trivial migration, but fingers crossed it’ll go smoothly! :stuck_out_tongue:

cool I like it looks great

Glad you think so trav!

So our plan is to copy over all the content this week or next, we’ll keep you posted.

So we’re all set to move everything over by Wednesday. We’ll post further updates as we go, so stay tuned!..

Hey guys, we are preparing the forums for the migration. We are disabling new topics and replies for now while the migration is running. We should be back in a couple hours.

GetSatisfaction topics were successfully imported. The forums are now off read-only mode.

Is anyone else concerned that the program that we are playing under does not represent actual poker.

How come I can not walk away from a table, shut down computer, and reenter game with minimum chips?


Get A REAL card generator I’m sick of 8,3 7,2 8,2 3,5 …