Migliorie grafiche

Domanda : è possibile visualizzare per intero il tavolo come per gli altri siti,qui si visualizza solo per metà,e se possibile cambiare il colore delle carte,la grafica attuale non è proprio delle migliori, so che potrebbe appesantire il sistema ma sarebbe più bello graficamente. Buon lavoro a tutti.

My Italian isn’t very good (I took lessons at school many years ago). So I’ve translated it via Google Translate:

"Graphical improvements

Question: Is it possible to view the whole table as the other sites, here we show only half, and if you can change the color of the cards, the current graphics is not really the best, I know it could overload the system but it would be nice graphically. Good luck to all."

Unfortunately I can’t attempt to reply in Italian, but perhaps you can translate what I write myself… so…

We also show the whole table here, and you can easily resize the table by resizing the browser window it sits in. As for changing the color of the cards, YES - we have a four color deck available in your Settings page here: http://www.replaypoker.com/settings