Messages not working

Hi Guys, it would appear that the messaging feature in the browser is not working. Could someone please take a look?


Do you mean the chat message at the table, or the personal messages via the main website? If the latter, then don’t forget you can only send messages to friends, moderators and staff.

Hi, yes the messaging service on the main website. While playing last night the messaging at the table wasn’t working, it’s fine now, so I tried to send my message via my website profile but that wasn’t working either. I tried a couple different browsers but to no avail.

It was still not working earlier today

Yeah, right now it’s not very clear that you can only send to friends, moderators and staff. We’re working on fixing that this week. So if you do want to message someone from the site, add them as a friend first, if they accept then you’ll be able to message them. We’re also considering allowing you to add a note when you send a friend request - sometimes it’s difficult to remember where you know them from, so a quick note can jolt the memory.

Thank you