Members registerng and not playing

there are a lot of members complaining about people registering to play in tourneys and don’t play or wait to play way late in the game. They are suggesting that if they don’t play by the third or fourth hand they should be omitted from the tourney and their chips should be distributed to the players who are playing at that table or to all who are playing in the tourney. I was playing in a 200k tourney freeroll on 2/16 along with others and out of nine of us at the table on 3 of us were actively playing until the 6th level and others then decided to join in which then they started playing would go all in to bully those who are playing and forcing them to bid or of fold, what do you think about this suggestion, I see this a lot, you will probably have more members suggesting the same thing…thx Snoop

I agree after 10 minutes they should be taken off. a lot also go all in and win a couple of hands then black out till the end. This is not fair to all.