Maybe I'm getting better at this

A4s, diamonds, I flop into bottom pair on a suited board, 457-spades, suited against me as is always the case whenever I’m playing a suited hand, so I’m used to it.

Think about bluffing at it, since the board is just 7-high, maybe it didn’t connect with anyone, but it’s multi-way, and even if someone was just 4 to the flush they’d probably call, so that’s a no-way.
Turn trips, 4h, which is usually a pretty good time for me to rip it all-in, but yeah that flush flop is still making me nervous, but I decide if I fill a boat on the river I’m all-in. The river is a 6, and I miss my boat, but now there’s 4 to a straight in addition to the suited flop. It’s a bad card to be sure.

The river action heads up, there’s three to act ahead of me, and there’s a big bet, a fold, followed by a big call, and I decide not to put in the chips, and just fold. Turns out I was up against a straight flush, and the nut flush, both flopped. A8s coolered by 63s.

I kept a hold of my stack and ended up finishing 2nd in this one, despite having pretty cold cards most of the rest of the way.

“Life is not always a matter of holding good cards, but sometimes playing a poor hand well.”
– Jack London