Maverick rating

What does this indicate and how do I improve? Thank you.
Maverick rating

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That’s your rating. Play more games and get more achievements.

Hi Roy,
Perhaps this will help explain a little better:

What are RPP Levels and RPPs?

Each player has a RPP Level which reflects the experience the player has on Replay Poker. Each player starts at Level 1 and climbs levels by earning Replay Poker Points, aka RPPs.

RPPs are Replay Poker Points. You will earn these points simply by playing on Replay Poker. For any game you play on Replay Poker - may it be a ring-game hand, a sit’n’go tournament or a multi-table tournament - you will earn RPPs that will count towards your RPP Level.

Replay Poker Points are earned based on your activity on Replay Poker**.** These are tied to the ring-game rake and tournament fees you are participating to. You will receive 1 Replay Poker Point for each 2 chips paid in rake or tournament fees.

There is a daily earning allowance of 1,750 RPPs. This basically means you will be able to accumulate up to 1,750 Replay Poker Points per calendar day. One calendar day starts at 00:00am E.T and ends at 23:59pm E.T.

Finally, please note that there is a 5% penalty inflicted to your RPPs when you top-up at the bank. For instance, if you top-up 2,500 free chips at the bank, you will lose 125 RPPs on your experience bar.

Thank you Craig

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Thank you, long time since we have played together, nice to speak to you.

Happy memories Roy😻

It could also mean that somewhere, Top Gun music is playing while a pair of F-14 Tomcats are flying overhead.

I thought …(knew better, actually, but checked anyway)…maybe the heading of this topic was something about Ford Mavericks. I got one back in November, and really like it a lot…and I tend to notice things w/ the word “maverick” in them

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