Masters Grand Finals registration reminder

Thought I would post to make sure folks know … the Mini Masters Grand Finals have no Late Reg (that should make some recent posters here very happy) so sign up before it’s too late.

lift308 here…I have 3 tickets for the grand finals and can not find the games…can someone point the way…thank you

It’s at 14:30 ET, 9 hours from now, you can find it in the tournament lobby, just scroll down to 9 hours from now (whatever your time zone is) and you will find it. It’s right there.

Maybe this link can help.

will try that thank you Maya:+1:

If anyone else is having difficulty reaching the games: go to MTTs, select “all buy ins,” scroll to the lime green “Mini Master” event you want–there are several through the day–click on it, then view the lobby. Then register “with ticket.” You MUST have a ticket to enter. The 8:30 game is just about done as I type this. The 14:30 (2:30 PM) game is the one that will be live streamed. Good luck!

4th place finish in the 2:30pm ET Mini Masters Grand Finals MTT! Enjoyed this promotion! Hope Replay runs more promotions like these in the future!



I agree the Format was interesting. Played a little bit and look forward to the next Series.