Massive disconnecting

at this very moment all the replaypoker players were disconnected several times . I think it lasted at least half an hour . Very annoying because the hands were already started but couldn t be played to the end. I lost a big hand although i had the best hand. All the new features you started lately … isn t it better to try to keep the site updated so this won t happen again??

if you can t do anytjing about this disconnecting every time
, i will definately look for another side to play . And will inform other players too to go there

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The tech team is always working hard to solve the problems.

I too Dozier, was having troubles in a 15,000 tourn. I believe Happiness reported this problem, cause she was involved in tourn. Does this mean we can get our 15,000 back? I had a big pkt pr and all of a sudden i was kicked out. i then came back to ghosts, and i was the only one playing. At one point we were playing OMAHA!! This is the 2nd day now this is going on for me, and i am VERY frustrated along with numorous others. Please take care of these Glitches as soon as possible, for I don’t want to see the best site turn into the worst!! Thanks again, Gopo

Hi gogo, the tech team is working hard to make the site better. For now it gives some problems. Really hope you dont go with Dozier to an other site:((

Hi Gopo!

Is there any chance that you have the hand number or the tournament that Omaha problem happen?

Please if you do know another issues, please let us know since is very important for us to know what is wrong or what could be improved.


Hi dozier15!

We apologize for that problems you had.

Do you have the table name or the hand number that you had problems? It will help us understand more about the problem you and other players had and also help us to check how much you lost.

Thanks for you feedback.

Indeed we had some problems that cause players to be disconnected. It is fixed now.

Players that were in tournaments that had problems were already refunded.

We are very sorry for the problems.

Thanks for your feedback!

it was about 12 hours ago on the med table bejing rush. I hope this will help to fix the problem

I may be wrong but I don’t believe my chips were refunded. Why should I have to know the number of the tournament when the staff knows very well there was a problem? I hope this site maintains its integrety, and at least returns the FREE chips to those that complained. I’am not here to rip you off or tear apart your good reputation, it seems that is happening on its own. I hope we can see this resolved. THANKS AGAIN, Gopo

So they can solve the problem faster if they got more info on the problem. I think the site much better since Paul took over and the site got more players every day.

They work on something on to make clear if the chip count change, along with lots of other upgrades.

Hello again gopo!

We checked our logs and you indeed were refund for the tournament Super Stars 15000 (the only tournament with problems that you were), with 15000 chips that was the buy-in for that tournament.

Here is a screenshot to confirm the deposit:

Feel free to contact us if you still have any doubt.

Thank you for your feedback.

thx for refunding … please try to fix these problems more than inventing all kind of new features. I believe the site is good enough for most of the users . Having one more problem… why are all my Personal messages full of all kinds of signs i didnt type?? best regards dozier15

Dozier15, are your message still showing strange characters? If so let us know, and post an example here of what you mean - thanks!

Dozier15, let us know which characters look strange. Thanks!

it s ok now …so i have no complaints furthermore