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Hi @SunPowerGuru,

Thanks for your support! For screen capture I’m using a program called Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder. The reason why I’m using this software to screen capture is because with other screen recording software I’ve used for past projects, the video and audio would be horribly out of sync and would be difficult to edit to try to get them synced, though that might have something to do with my Laptop being 7 years old. .

So far with Apowersoft’s screen recorder I haven’t experienced any problems and it’s easy to use and there’s no time constraints or watermarks which I like.

For editing I’m using a program called VideoPad Video Editor. They have a paid version and a Free version which is what I’m using. If you get the paid version your really just getting a few extra affects that I wouldn’t have use for. The software isn’t hard to learn and once you get the hang of it it’s easy in my opinion.

For audio I do plan on going with Audacity starting on my next episode. I’ve been watching some how to videos to learn how to edit out background noise and it looks fairly simple to do that from the videos I’ve watched so I’m hoping it works for me to make the audio more clear so there’s no difficulty hearing what I say.

Thanks again for your support! I appreciate it!


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I must say I agree with SunPowerGuru. Well done Marc and good luck with this. A really great idea.

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More unsolicited advice… :slight_smile:

Good audio starts with capturing good audio. Correcting it after the fact, while necessary, isn’t the best. I use an Audio Technica AT2020, and love it.

I got a big tote, lined it with acoustic foam, then put my mic on an anti vibration mount, and added a pop filter. This makes a nice mini-sound booth that blocks a lot of noise and is well suited to the kind of voice-over work you are doing.


Hi everyone,

First, I’d just like to thank everyone for their feedback and support! It really means a lot to me. Last night I recorded some test audio to try out the editing software. The edited sound really didn’t make a difference quality wise so I think the best solution is to get a new microphone though it might take me awhile to get one.

As of now I’m planning on recording a new episode hopefully Tuesday if my schedule works out. If I am able to record Tuesday, I expect the new episode to be ready later in the week. I am going to keep this thread updated and post new episodes here.

Thanks for the support!!!



When you do start shopping for a mic, I would highly recommend SPGs advice of the Audio Technica AT2020 .
Back in the day when I owned a small recording studio, it wasn’t unusual to pay well over $500 for a large diaphram mic of that quality that meets those specs.
I bought an AT2020 for my son to record vocals for his music and we were both blown away with the quality.
The room you’re in is also evidently pretty live so if you can’t move to say a walk-in closet (with hanging clothes) you will want to try to isolate your new mic with something like the DIY project SPG mentioned…or if you find yourself with a little more cash, I’d go with something like this.
I also highly recommend Sweetwater because anything you buy there, they can provide low/no interest credit or choose the option to pay using a debit card and stretching the total over 3 monthly payments with a $10 processing fee.


While you’re at it, pick up a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M50x headphones so you can hear what you’re doing. These give you a very accurate reproduction of your sound quality.

Then grab some Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 speakers, which are amazing for their size and cost.

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Hi Mark,
Good stuff my friend glad to see you going for it!

Bit of advice, I wouldn’t call out the players names I would call them by position.

I was surprised to see the SB had pocket aces and put him on an over pair after he shoved just didn’t think it would be aces lol. If I had the pocket rockets I couldn’t help but min raise (without being results oriented).

I’ve subscribed looking forward to more videos!

This makes me want to sit in a game :wink:

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Thanks for the advice and support @AreYouAhead!



Hi Marc,

I love the idea and I’ve subscribed to your channel. Thanks for putting time and effort into this and all the best.

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Thank you very much for the support @Maya I appreciate it!


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I have selected the next hand I’m going to review and have taken some notes on things to cover about the hand. I plan on recording it in the morning and hopefully it will be ready to upload Wednesday or Thursday. :slight_smile:



Hi everyone!

The newest episode of Marc’s Hand Review has been released! In this episode I review a hand that results in a Set vs Full House showdown! Be sure to check out the episode below!



Much better than the first one, keep moving forward!

It would help if you talked a little about the format first thing. Was this in an MTT, SnG, or what? What was the buy-in? Stuff like that will give a little more context.

Edited to add: I watched this again, and you did say it was a 100k freeroll. My bad.

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Thanks for the feedback @SunPowerGuru! Much appreciated!


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By the way, i love your motion graphic intro.

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Glad you liked the intro! I had decided I wanted these episodes to look a little more professional and figured an intro was the best way to go.



Just spent the last hour recording a new episode of Marc’s Hand Review! I think this is the best episode yet! Planning to upload and publish it early next week! Can’t wait for you guys to see it! :slight_smile:



thats what I call a harley hand,


Hi everyone,

I just uploaded the newest episode of Marc’s Hand Review! You can check it out below!

I hope everyone enjoys it! I will be busy these next few weeks so their might not be another episode for a few weeks.

Question for Review: Would you have raised, called or folded the river bet and why?


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I could offer some advice on how you played the hand, and your analysis.

First, KTs in the BB isn’t a bad hand to start with. I disagree with limping to the flop here. Your cards are both high, and suited. A 3BB raise might have convinced 33 to fold, as 1200 is a lot of chips here. You might even take the hand outright.

Even though you want to build a pot, the way you do that is not checking. If people fold, good. You got as much as you could out of them already, and now they’re out of the hand, no longer a threat.

Hitting the top pair, Tens, is ok, but not great. There are four pair hands that can beat you, any two pair or better is ahead of you, also. You’re probably ahead here, but might not be for long. The min bet to build the pot isn’t the right play. You want draws to fold right now, not after they hit (which is impossible, unless the board strongly suggests an even better draw was possible, and you’re representing it with your bets). Bet bigger, and win the hand now. If you had raised preflop, folded 33, and gotten a call from someone else, the pot is already big enough to close early. If 33 is still in the hand when you bet big on the flop, of course they call. But that tells you something, which is to proceed with caution from here, because they wouldn’t call with nothing, and all you really have is a pair.

As is, you’re already in deep trouble, with 33 hitting their set. Ordinarily you wouldn’t think about that 3 in the flop, but that’s why limping small pairs and making sets that no one suspects is a great place to be. I doubt the big stack is desperate enough to play 33 into a big raise. But once they hit the set of 3s, they won’t lay it down for someone who just limped from the BB.

The other news on the flop is that you completely lost any chance of hitting the flush, and that’s significant. Your best draws now will be to three of a kind, two pair, or possibly full house. Keeping a flush draw here wouldn’t have mattered in the showdown, but it was significant at the time that you lost a draw to a powerful hand, and that should be considered.

You stated that you bet 2000 on the river to scare away straights, but it’s too late for that, if there were any, they were already made, on the Turn, and would LOVE to call your trip Tens. If you are betting trips made on the river, it should be a value bet, not a bet to get folds. 2-3BB might get a call from weaker hands, and if you’re beat, you’re not losing as much if they call with better.

Of course, you could get raised off a small value bet, and then you have to rely on your read of the table to know whether it’s likely your opponent has better. And the 3s Full is very well disguised here.

In the end, it’s a disaster from the flop that you don’t realize until the showdown, but it was made preflop when you didn’t raise enough to get 33 to fold. In fact, your hand was behind the whole time.

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