Wouldn’t it be nice if the majority of players had manners and responded to a nh, gh or any other such acknowledgements. Site has really gone downhill in the years I’ve been here. Tired of taking notes on the jerks.

i drive truck while playing and it is unsafe to type in the chat box while i am on the road

I always type nh whenever someone beat me in a hand. Most of the tables I play on players respond with a ty.

Also keep in mind some players just don’t like to chat while playing. I don’t take it personally when a player doesn’t respond after I type nh.

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Don’t get me wrong, I’ve met some really great people here. Sadly, I have to say most of them are no longer of this earth or have quit playing. Can’t say I’ve ever played with y’all.

Get’s old when none of them ever respond.

Also it’s unsafe to play at all isn’t it.

Agree with you (but you already knew that )… some tables the only chatting being done , is me reading my notes out loud…lol

And all this time I thought you were talking to me :wink:

I hope you were taking notes…lol

First thing this morning, (for me anyway) I enter league tourney and say “Good morning all” to which I received not one response. Oh well, guess I’ll find nice peeps somewhere else.

I try not to let this bother me, but some days it does and some days it doesn’t. On days it doesn’t I play more poker, on days it does I play slot machine or puzzle games elsewhere. I ponder if poker requires “no feeling or emotion”, which is what my professional player husband tells me.

Either way it’s kind of up to me to adapt to my environment and find what makes me happiest.

When I say “good Morning and gl all” and get no response I then say " please disregard my 1st comment " . Usually then at least one player will “lol” and say “gl to u2” . I get bored when playing with non talkers which is why most times I only reg in a game when I see a friend already registered and play only sit n go’s .

Thought Sharon and Craig was always talking about me.

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no notes please

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Too late crum…lol

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FWIW, I know there are many players who mostly ignore the chat box. I do it sometimes when I’m watching a ball game or surfing in another window.
Some people only pay attention to chat when in certain tourneys or after the break. Some also ignore the chat unless someone they have befriended is at the table.
Just saying it isn’t necessarily rudeness. many times its a lack of interest in following the conversation…

I understand that completely … for me it is just more enjoyable to play on a table where players chat or at least take the time to say ty when I say nh to them. Also sometimes I see a player chat a little but never say ty when told nh… to me this is just no manners.

Hahahahahaha :wink:

Your good… I used to say “or not”, but I love yours, in a fun-kind-of-way.

Sharon, your right about liking the chat part. I’m new here and notice others chat back & forth, then ignore my comments.

I lean toward humor in chats…especially when dealing with A’s.

Now you have some notes on me.

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edit .

Jenny , try playing the S n G’s … nice group (usually, except for a few , which I won’t name , cause you will spot them ) a bunch of us all look for each other to play , which makes the games more enjoyable . You are right now I already have notes on you , and you didn’t make it to any of my lists yet…lol.