Maniac In The House!

I really don’t know where to go with this, just need to vent in hopes that someone who might can get something done will. I was just in a Bankroll Builder, but left the game as “away and post” due to the actions of one of the players. This player in 13 out of 16 hands went all in (all but 2 of those preflop) and was busted out all but 1 of them. He would re-buy and come right back all in. And when he did finally win a hand the very next hand he lost it all AGAIN with a pre-flop all in. He finally was busted out for what appears to be the last time at 49th place.

Now, while I know you can not control how people play, nor would you for obvious reasons, this kind of play does very little in making a tournament experience enjoyable for anyone else sitting at the same table. For that matter, at any table this individual is sitting at if this is how he normally plays.

I guess what I am trying to get at is there needs to be some set of “rules of table etiquette” to ensure that ALL players enjoy their gaming experience while logged in. Not sure what those rules should be, but would like to see something along the lines of “suspended playing privilege for table harassment”. Multiple infractions of the same nature would result in longer suspensions or outright ban all together. Of course they could always just open up another account and start all over, so an IP ban is the answer to that. It could even be as simple as limit the number of re-buys allowed. However, that would then limit the legitimate player, so a simple filter detecting re-buys and hand count between them (during normal play you do not re-buy every hand) could remove the player from the table once the “rules of table etiquette” were infracted.

I believe that a survey in Forums to this affect asking all players what they think of the idea you would be surprised at the overwhelming support it would receive.

I think that this is a problem that has no real answer to. I don’t see restricting a player from playing the way that he/she wants to. I have played on this site almost 3 years daily, and have seen this problem get worse. I like playing on a friendly table, but at the same time i want to take all the chips on that table, The real problem seems to be that we as players see that when someone start playing Bingo every hand, we get upset and start calling their Bingo’s and they win (which they will do) until the entire table has went from a friendly table to an all out war. Now after losing hands over and over to someone that really don’t care about chip loss, The friendly players start leaving, and soon the table is empty. Another good table messed up. But my question is this…Was the Bingo Player playing unfair, or was he playing the only way he/she could win chips. Maybe we as players should police our table, and all move or start another table. This happen tp me a few nights ago, and lost 3 million chips, because i and not the Bingo Player was being an idiot because I was upset. Just don’t see a solution to this problem Poker is a game of chance, we take a chance on every bet, call or fold we make. and restricting a player from taking a chance win or lose is just not the way Poker is played. So lets all be friends play the best that we can play and take the chances that don’t make us mad. Just my thoughts

Agreed 1000%. However, why should the many be forced to move/start tables for the few. That is why I suggested the survey, a democracy decides by the votes of the people, for the people…so on an so forth.

This kind of play, while irritating, is within the rules of no-limit. In fact, it’s what makes it no-limit in the first place.

I think the rules are fine the way they are.

Check-raising can be irritating too, should we change this rule as well? How about flopping a set and slow playing it? Where do we draw the line?

If you don’t have a hand strong enough to risk your entire stack, just fold. Where’s the problem?


The problem arises (and I am in no way saying that this IS happening) when this style of play is used to “chip dump”, a clear violation of the sites TOS. At the money games I frequent we call this “Run and Gun”. Player A backs player B who goes all-in every hand regardless of his cards. If player A has “good” cards (they will beat player B’s cards) he calls. Human nature dictates that not everyone will call, thus improving Player A’s odds of winning (for lack of a better term they “unschooled” the odds), however slightly, over any random call. Of course they will be busted from time to time, but over the long haul they will win more pots.

As far as slow play, limping in, bluffing etc. goes all are “acceptable” styles of play readily accepted by everyone and do not force players into deciding to put up their hole stack just to be able to play a hand or fold. See the flop or nothing is not enjoyable for anyone (except the Maniac).

On a lighter note, I am reminded of Gus Hansen’s “All-In Every Hand” during a WSOP event where he HAD to make a certain win to be able to advance to the next level. If you watched it was both brilliant and sad. You could tell by the faces of the other players at the table they were NOT having a good time. And if players are not having fun at your tables they go somewhere else to play.

if there is some kind of crazy maniac then just play very straightforward tight play. this way you are in the advantage most of the time and let you win most money and let him lose the most in the long run.
also don’t raise him with a strong hand but slowplay (unless you are in position)

Yes, straightforward, tight play is the “smart” thing to do, IF you like to sit there waiting on just that right set of hole cards to take this maniac down. Meanwhile, your “tourny stack” is being blinded to oblivion. So basically your register, get unlucky enough to be at the table with a maniac, click on check/fold every hand until you find a hand you think is worth playing and be forced to shove in. I don’t know about the rest of you, but when I get hole cards that are statistically sound, and depending on their strength, I like to get in the pot as cheaply as I can to see the flop. THEN decide if my cards are good enough to shove it all in.

It all boils down to this. This is a “free” site where you come to play a few hands of poker, meet and talk with people and friends from all over the world, and be entertained for a few hours at the end of a hard days work. The key word is ENTERTAINED. That is why people come to this site, not to be forced into “coin flip” poker. I’ll say it again, if people are not having fun they will go somewhere else to play.

And run into a different bunch of maniacs who go allin every hand.

Maybe we need more fixed limit and pot limit and mixed limit tournaments?

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That sounds good, until you remember there is the “raise” button. So instead of going all in they just raise everything every hand. Nothing is solved, just slowed down a bit. But at least that does give you chance to see the flop. So something is gained.

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There are 3 MTTs ( YOU ) should never play then… they are all 3 re-buy MTTs… No limit is no limit, and I can say from experience 15 all-ins in a row isn’t chip dumping

In the ( I call it Bingo-Mania MTT ) the 500 +BR… I will continue to go all in if necessary till I get to 12-14,000 BY the 1st break… that is my strategy and I can say it works just fine…

For a entry of 500 and a rebuy of 450, if you expected ppl … not to play loose , then you are not adjusting to your environment.

Remember : no-limit is no-limit, and unlimited rebuys are unlimited

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None of us has the right to demand other players play the way we think the game needs to be played.

When I have a premium hand, the very last thing I want is for half the table to get in cheap and see the flop. That would just be bad poker. Sorry if I don’t play my hands to maximize your fun.

As Sassy Santa (who I have missed these last few weeks) said, if you hate bingo, stay away from the Rebuy tournies.

Good luck and have fun!

BINGO! (no pun intended)

So why would we acccept being forced to play bingo poker because that’s the way someone else thinks the game should be played?

… Exactly, noone is forcing you to enter those 3 MTTs … use ur own logic !!

As a general rule I do not play re-buys for this and other reasons, but thanks for the advise. And all of this thread would be moot if this was a real money platform. But since it is not, one has to believe that people come here for the entertainment value the site has to offer. I would hate to see “the best damn poker site on the internet” closed because it loses that value. Remember Zynga and a lot of the players leaving?

I think bingo play is quite amusing and entertaining.

Replay will be forced out of business because a small minority of people bet too much? Really?

I run into a bingo player every now and then, but nowhere near often enough to make it a game changer. At what stakes/buyins are you playing?

Below is the last section of the Community Playbook:

Bottom Line
We want Replay Poker to be a fun and safe environment for all players. While playing on Replay Poker, you will encounter thousands of other players who share different experiences and come from vastly different backgrounds. While certain words, phrases and/or images may not be offensive to you, consider the fact that the same language or image may have a completely different meaning to players from other countries. We’ve taken great care to ensure that the Replay Poker site provides a welcoming environment to meet new folks and sharpen your poker skills – your personal behavior is entirely up to you. Let’s make it a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone!

The last sentence says it all.

If I may point out, if I went to play live… I would run across 40% +/- MTTs with rebuys ( usually never unlimited, usually 2-3 max. ). I’m looking at replay that has maybee 5-10%, and it would be less if they didn’t run so consistently…

Getty, I meant no disrespect… trust me I didn’t, but its really easy to avoid 3-4 MTTs and get a bankroll high enough to never “have to play” them, to advance. In that case its easy if you don’t like something, well… just don’t buy it ( enter those MTTs ).

Also I will admit freely that I play ( live, in real life ) < 1/2 %, or < 1 outta 200 MTTs that have a rebuy. Should I enter one… I assume I will pay for " all rebuys & the addon " as the " price of admission ". So “basically” I never play rebuy MTTs live… lolol

None taken. I am well adjusted to life and can take criticism (both constructive and/or destructive) with a grain of salt. Nor did I intend for this to be a pissing match over a point of interest. I am just trying to point out that this site is for entertainment (since no real money exchanges hands) and that maniacs, if left to run amok, will lessen that entertainment value to the point that players “may” begin to leave this site in droves. Just trying to figure out a way to prevent that from happening. Like the Community Playbook says, “Let’s make it a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone!”

Here’s an idea. Like in most casinos there are “low limit” and “high limit” tables. Maybe something along those lines can be implemented, except it would be called “Normal Play” and “Maniac Play”. That way the maniacs have a place to go wild in without bothering those that just want to play a normal (whatever that means…lol) round of cards.

There is already a system…

No-Limit , Pot-Limit , & Fixed-Limit …

Getty, try this… think of “actual” bingo players as “helpfull” & “lunchmeat”… be very carefull of someone that as you call it “bingos” Pocket Aces … :wink: … Let them thin the herd, then eat them for lunch… ( problem solved )

A few months back I , in great detail , defined a Bingo and also explained why in more cases than not … its anything but what traditionally is thought of as a Bingo. I wholeheartedly agree that any “pre-flop all-in” is a modified coin flip.

Let me ask you this … in a MTT, you pay 4000 to enter, the prizes in reality only worthwhile 5th or better, at 1st break ( you enter here ) 35-40% of the ppl will be already out, blinds will be 100/200, you will have 12-14k in chips, and you’ll be aprox in top 30% of the ppl left in. ( and you still get a bounty of 270 into your acct bankroll for every person you knock out ). Would you enter under those conditions ?

If you answer Yes, to that question… then I have a strategy for ya.

In my humble opinion Getty, if you want a challange … play the red MTTs. 5k-15k

The idea that everyone can have an enjoyable experience every time they play is an impossible dream.

1… Nobody enjoys losing.

2… Tournaments can only be won by one of the entrants.

3… Even if they were to divide the prize pool evenly among all entrants before the first hand was dealt, everyone would still be out the tournament fee and “win” back less than they put in.

Therefore, it isn’t possible to have an “enjoyable experience for everyone!”