Make more...if not all..tournaments "Fast"

Make more…if not all…tournaments “Fast”

Some of our players complain even the regular tourneys are too fast. As we cater for all players, we’ll keep a mix of regular and fast tourneys. But thanks for the idea nevertheless.

If they find the regulars too fast, perhaps they shouldn’t be playing multiple tables at the same time :wink:

I’m primarily talking SnG’s. Only low buy-ins are fast. How about adding 5K-50K fast SnG’s?

I see, let me forward your suggestion on now to the scheduling team to get their input.

All 9 players sit’n’gos are now set as fast for the stakes 20,000 and below.

Also…any update on HTML5 rollout?

Sorry to belabor the “fast” topic … I sent this yesterday, but not sure it went out…

Happiness, kynob, Starbrite etc and I are battling for new Monthy Medium Leaderboard (Love it by the way) We usually fill 6 player quickly but not 9. How about making 6-tops fast" as well?

Hi TullyMars

For some players (with a slower connection) is 10 sec too fast, ReplayPoker has no time bank. The 10 or 20 sec is all you have. Therefore we made the 9 seats SnGs (low and med buy-in) fast and kept the 6-max for medium buy-ins and all SnGs with high buy-in regular speed for now.

And i love this competition very much also:)…grrr…and i need more points:))

Maybe when more players play the SnGs we can run a couple of SnGs with fast speed and with regular speed. The schedule team will keep an eye on it and feedback always welcome.

Thanks. Greetings Happiness.

Sounds good. See you on the tables.

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled more turbo rooms. I brought up this idea to address the issue of very slow rooms. However my idea was ushered back to 2011 chats. That is as bad as the slow rooms. Maybe the issue should be addressed again. I’d wager (no pun intended) that the idea would find many to the liking of this as a new issue.
Turbo tournaments are to few. I fold out of tournaments lately because they are to slow. Turbo was added, but look how few there are. Five and six hours between. You’re lucky to find one in a day, unless you do nothing else. Which i might consider if there were more.
There is absolutely not enough turbo tournaments throughout the day. ADD MORE!!!
Faster games translates to more money for the site. Think long and hard about that. Unless the owners don’t care about money, which i don’t believe.
I no longer desire to play unless it is a faster game, which means I don’t get to play much anymore.

For ring games players have the choice, fast or regular speed. for tournaments there is no choise, it is fast or regular speed.

At the fast tables players have only 10 sec, for a lot of players is that hardly enough time when they want type a raise, or when their connection is a bit slower, or when another program runs on the same time, or when they need time to think. There is no timebank, the 10 or 20 sec is all u have for your turn. A timebank can be an option, but can slow down the game even more.

Quick bet buttons are planned, when they are added it is option making a few more tournaments fast speed. Quick bet buttons spares time, you not always have to type your raise or use the slide bar.

Replay Poker must take into account all players, tournaments must be playable for all players.