Maintaince going on, we might be up again tommorrow. Message

I keep getting an “Maintaince going on, we might be up again tommorrow.” message when I go to Tried using a different browser, clearing cache/cookies/etc., tried using another computer… so far no help.

From where do you play? Which country?

I am playing from Belgium, the country south of Holland. I also speak Dutch. It’s my mother tongue.

I passed it to the tech team, as soon as I or anyone else have a solution you hear it.

You’re indeed right about the fact that it matters which country I am in. If I use an American proxy I am indeed able to access the site.

But you are anonymous right now. You can not log in with your own ip? (from Belgium)

Using proxy can cause problems. Im not say this problem , but may.

btw proxy can flood you with malware, virus, troyan and hackers set up proxy to steal your personal details . Its your skin.

@Happiness: I cannot log in using my own ip in Belgium. Then I get the maintenance message above. I am not able to login with my replaypoker account, and get the maintenance message, hence the problem. I’m using the same nickname and email here though, but logging in with the get satisfaction account via gmail. I could try logging in via the proxy to post here if you’d want that?

@marcipan: I’m not sure I understand what you’re getting at, but I usually don’t use proxies, I just tested it to see if it is indeed about the fact that I’m in Belgium. I have never used procies to access the site before and I am aware of the dangers.

I hope someone can fix the problem? It worked okay before.

I’ve asked the tech team.

Hope they can help.

I’ve sent you a message in your guest book. Think you can read it when you log in. plz reply there if it is possible.

I logged in via proxy on replaypoker to reply to your message. Hopefully you got the reply, including the necessary info.

I have it, thanks:)…when i know something i reply.

Now I’m getting another message:

We are sorry to inform you that your IP is blocked, please contact one of the moderators or for additional information.

I’ve sent my IP info to Happiness. Wouldn’t know why my IP would be blocked.

I’m sorry to say I’m getting kinda tired of this. I’ve never had any problems until a month or so ago. And yes I’m playing and logging in from different IPs 'cause I’m switching locations and computers a lot. I’m not cheating or anything.

I hope to have a answer for you soon. I’ve sent the emails with info again.

Hi Jper!

We are very sorry for this.

Actually your IP was blocked by mistake, it should be fine now.

Please let us know if this happen again or if is still happening.

Thanks for your patience and for reporting to us.

Seems like the problem is fixed now. Thank you.

I’m getting this message again: We are sorry to inform you that your IP is blocked, please contact one of the moderators or for additional information

I don’t know if it’s the same IP again as before? It’s now. Blocked by mistake again?

They will look for you, ive sent a mail.

Thank you. :slight_smile: