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Hi. Its been a while but the cards keep turning.
Recently in a satellite for The Irish Open, not my night. An uninteresting affair overall. Alas a talking point arose in my final hand of the evening.
I’m sitting on the short stack(8300) in the BB.
The blinds are 600/1200.
The action goes fold,fold then… raucous laughter turned to childish giggling and an exclamation of “Aces,F*****g Aces” from the villain UTG+2 accompanied by a raise to 3500.
The table settles and the player to the villains left calmly calls.
Folds the whole way back to my slightly disgruntled self.
I look down at nines. All in 8300.
Villain shoves. other guy mucks… Heads up, on their backs!!!
He actually has the Aces.
I shrug my shoulders and laugh quietly to myself.
Nada, Nothin’.

A: What’s the ruling regarding speaking about your hand when there are players still to act and why has the dealer said nothing about this?

B: Why doesn’t the villain flat my shove and allow player 3 come along for the ride?

3: Should I have just mucked the nine’s?

The rule in question is the No Disclosure / One Player to a Hand. However, it is up to the players to call an infraction, not the dealer. If anything like this happens again, call for a floor person immediately. Penalties range from warnings to “missed hand” penalties all the way to disqualifications.

From the TDA rulebook:

62: No Disclosure Players must protect other players in the tournament at all times. Therefore players, whether in the hand or not, must not: _
1. Disclose contents of live or folded hands, _
2. Advise or criticize play at any time, _
3. Read a hand that hasn’t been tabled. One-player-to-a-hand is in effect. Among other things, this rule prohibits showing a hand to or discussing strategy with another player, advisor, or spectator._

I am curious as to how one accomplishs this? Do I type in “Floor” in comments section or what?i

In a live game like he was describing? You figure it out.

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Thank you…

Best Thread Title Ever.



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