Lost or stolen chips

As soon as I went over 2 million chips My chips went down to 1.2 million, What happened ? It was low stake game. Bam they were gone.

If you have an issue regarding your chip stack, please contact support@replaypoker.com as they will be able to check you account and get back to you.
Best of luck at the tables.

Thank you! Will this happen often, are they stolen or a glitch? I’m not sure what to think. I just hope they can fix the problem.

Support sent my history to me. I think I’m over the hill , one of the old guys. By my history i didn’t lose anything but a brain cell. How can that be :confounded:


I also once thought something funny had happened to my chips, and Replay walked me through my history also, and it was just some crossed wires on my end.

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