Lost in limbo on labor day

Got lost in limbo in the labor day freeroll…still had over 5000 chips but they wouldn’t let me in… the tables balanced and b4 my seat showed my name the table got balanced again… message read table no longer exists i logged out and tried to view lobby and play now …message read page no longer exists… i went to my name and double clicked ( which showed me with over 5000chips) message read the same …page no longer exists… the game was the labor day freeroll at 9:00pm central time

Hi rgman,

Sorry to hear this happened to you, that sounds incredibly frustrating. I filed a bug ticket with these details so someone from our tech team can take a look. We’ll do our best to get this figured out soon so it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

Cheers, Lesley

Thanks i and i’m sure someone else with similar problem really appreciates it…it may have been the enormous number of shuffles of tables involved(Labor day and all that) that caused a log jam … hope you and the others involved are triumphant and grow in knowledge and confidence each day. Enjoy…R.g decker