Lost during high stake betting

what the hell is going on with your stupid connection lost during high stake betting,seem’s like your game is rig, im in the middle of a hand with an investement of 3.8 millions involved in my raise then after I raise if the other raise I lose everything I inveasted in my hands cause of your connection lost ,though it was my internet connection but you see it in chat all the time connection lost ,
for the past 2 days ive bet with pkt A ,pkt king,pkt Q, A K ,and all I get is small cards for the past 2 days ,if it was a few hands it would be understandable but for 2 days in a row are you kidding me,i went from 9 millions + to 30k in the past 2 days ,not cause I don’t know how to play,but to see a hand almost impossible to be beat get beat by it on the river over and over,fix your rig game

I checked all your recent hands but couldn’t find one with an investment of that amount where you lose connection. Did you take down the hand id number? Without it there’s not much we can do unfortunately. If it happens again make sure to jot down the number.

0hhh… i have connection problem often too, special when during the game i klick on “friends online” in my profile, after that forget about connection, you will get it in next 5 minutes, and this problem when i play “Ring Games”.

and in spring time i played a tourney “Big Daddy” with buy - in 1M chips from my ex profile “Caracal_572181” and connection was cut off every 10-20 seconds, finely could not play it, i was very angry! :slight_smile:

Hmm, that actually sounds like a bug. Leave it with me, I’ll create a bug ticket now and we’ll investigate.

ticket to where? Just paly tourney on th e weekend, will see.

A new one, 2 players has been desconected during same hand, and connection problem for next few hands:





Whait for the weeked! Will be wors…

And one more new one, today in Ring Games:


so many like this, connection problem.

Actually when it says disconnected in the game table, it could also mean they’ve just shut the browser window that contains the game table. Not everyone I suspect marks to sit out next hand, then waits to sit out, before closing the window.

Right now we don’t differentiate between the two (real disconnection and closing the game table). In the future we will though, but we’ll have to wait for the new HTML5 client for that.

Thank you very much for explaining.

Look this , the player VEMMALEADER had a bad connection during all tourney, just klick on “previous” and “next” to see hes games: