Lost consecutive playing days

I have played for 644 consecutive days but after the 3 May update of the site, I lost my consecutive streak of playing days. I see where I was credited for the play on the 3rd, but as of 4 May, my consecutive streak is back to 1 day. Daily consecutive sign in bonuses have dropped back to 500 chips, so I already lost 2K for today’s bonus and will lose more each day until I get back to 5 consecutive days. The chips are not as important to me as my consecutive day’s playing streak. So … What happened with this 3 May update that put me back to zero days???

Hi Spydermann,
I have replied to your PM and explained how to contact support, either via email or via the (?) on the Dashboard.
Hope this helps.

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Thanx Ms Kate

I have also noticed the same today, I sent a message to Support, see what happens I guess.

me also, sigh; 171 days in a row, but due to issues on RP could not sign in yesterday.

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If you couldn’t login because of problems on their end, make sure you contact Support and explain that, chances are you can regain what you lost in terms of daily bonus.

Hi everyone! I posted an update in our announcement thread, but FYI: we know some folks missed their bonuses, and our tech team is working on restoring those to everyone. It may be just a few days before you see that fixed, but we’re on the case.


Thanx for the assist … We appreciate the awareness and attention to effect correction.


it thought i was doing good at 344 days…

For me it has gone back to normal now, so the issue is fixed for me at least.

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Everything good on my end :blush:

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Get used to being screwed by the site, im surprised it took so long

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