Lost chips

Lost 30000 chips when i won in ring games, also had a problem where 1 hand started and in the middle another added to it and i lost chips there to.

RP will ask for hand number.

Hi speed48393,

I glanced through your history and I show you leaving the table today with over 26,000 chips. Does that sound correct?

As marcipan mentioned, a hand number or any other details you can give us about that hand will be super helpful. Pocket cards, community cards, who won the hand, etc. Then we can track it down and see what might have happened. Thanks!

Cheers, Lesley

In hand 86936940 you can see us wondering what happened, it shows a previous hand of 86936882 but if you try to pull that hand up, it says no such hand. In the 882 hand, we started the hand and i know i had a queen and 2 queens came on the flop, i bet big and got a couple callers, then we were dealt 2 more cards making it like a omaha hand and there were 6 community cards and then it added more cards to both our hands and community cards making prob 6-7 cards in our hands and 10 or so community. I went all in and a couple called and it said i had won the hand but my chip count was off. Then on Maya temple 7 it shows me playing on Apr 8, 5:09am EDT - Apr 8, 5:39am EDT (30 mins) but only shows 8 hands and we played more than that and when i went to check my balance, i should have been over 700,000 but was only at 670,000 something. Any help you can give is appreciated ty.

I see, thank you for those extra details. The first game you mention was on Sunday, which was when we were experiencing a few very odd issues after our database server had crashed on Friday night. A number of people reported being dealt too many cards, among other strange things. We fixed the issues on Monday and automatically refunded the tournaments that were affected, however ring games were not as easy to automate. I’ve just added 3,000 chips to your account to help make up for what you lost at that table.

Regarding the game you were in on the 8th, I couldn’t really see any problems there. Our records show you played 30+ hands at that table and here is a screenshot of your chip activity for that day.

We don’t show your balance reaching 700,000 chips until later in the evening on the 9th. I hope that helps clarify.