Lost chips on table

Yesterday morning I got up from a tbale, had 658K chips, problem is the chips were not put back into my bank. This is the second time it has happens, the first time I had about 1.3 mill chips, a few months ago. What is the cause of this and how can I prevent it in the future. Of course I know the chips are gone and will never show back up in my bank.

Leaving a ring table is a two step process, where you have to confirm that you are leaving. Did you possibly close the window without realizing that you needed to complete the confirmation step?

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The bottom line is whatever “upgrades” Mr. Replay", et al. made to a once pleasurable site, to play and make friends all over the world on, totally FU. As a “boomer”, and I think I speak for much of my cohort here, I’ve become quite comfortable and would rather not have to go elsewhere. That said, it seems things are getting worse instead of better. There has not been a day in months that a “glitch” has not affected my play or outcome of a hand .Whether it’s too many cards,being timed out way too soon or not seeing all community cards and a winner declared, just trust us. Not to pile on to Mr. Replay, but the buck stops with him and I wish he’d start throwing ch it around the office tech meetings if that’s what it’s going to take to fix this mess. Can you tell I’m frustrated AF ? GOOD because it’s taking the fun out of playing here even more than the All In jokers. At least with them I can move to another table.