Lost 125K

I registered for a tourney and realized the time I wouldn’t be around so I unregistered and still lost 125K do you lose the money period?

Hi TBDesigns

When you are registered for a tourney and unregister, your name disappear from the players list in the tournament lobby and your buy-in is added back to your bank the same time. When the tourney nearly starts you can not unregister any more. It must be done on time (at least 1 min before start)

I saw you was registered for the ReplayChallenge (125k) on Jan 17th. You mean that tournament? You was not unregistered for that tourney.

If you mean Jan 16th you was not on the list of players, if you registered and unregistered later for that tourney you should got back your buy-in right away.

I checked and see that Andrew already dealt with your support query via the private support message system. So I’ll close this now.