losing? after playing percentage poker to make final table wih 70 to 100 players in a 20k or 50k tourney only to be done by players ranked below 1000 calling with total crap and winning…4 tourneys in last 2 days…guy goes all in with 69 with 25k chips i call with aj and 6 on river
another one with 40000 chips 26 and flop is 266 against my ak.
just getting worse and sick to see this site letting hands like this win…and its been going on forever…i must have bubbled atleast 40 times losing millions to hands like these winning…such a good site nice people but i am still inclined to say the benefit is alway going to players ranked below 1000 calling with crap hands…and its consistent…you feel miserable to spend 2 hours to get to a point yes lose no problem to good hands or even chasers but something must be telling them go in they are going to win against any cards…my AA was hit atleast 5 times…and we wait for these hands so we can win or even rank higher…play chips play site cant complain…but endlessly giving them the benefit…how does it work like this?

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Out of all the things i’ve lost,it’s my mind I miss the most!!


Ask the Replay Poker admin to set your chips back to zero so that you too can be endlessly given the benefit.

wow what a splendid idea …the wise one…but full of it

Well, we all lose sometimes and we all win sometimes. Being patient means folding more. It means not being tempted to call when you have a pair or two pair and there are enough other players at the table to guarantee one of them will have 3 of a kind, or a straight or a flush etc.

Remember to STOP WHILE YOU ARE AHEAD- this is harder than it sounds because the game can be addictive. I’ve lost more than I care to share some evenings because it was late at night and I’d had too many glasses of wine. It happens to everyone. Time to take a breath and start calculating like a machine again.

Poker is not for the emotional type.


“Others” give good poker advice but we aren’t playing poker, we are playing Replay Poker. They are not the same thing.
The #1 example is flushes. In real games chasing flushes is a losing strategy. On here it is very profitable.

We should have a Poker Advice thread and a separate Replay Poker Advice thread. Then new players could hear effective strategies for building their bankroll on here. But every time we move in that direction it all gets dumped in the “Fairness” thread because somebody’s pride got bruised.

Don’t go by rankings. A fair amount of the chips held by volume players were not won at open tables. They were won with heavy play(leaderboards), bought, won in closed tourneys, given for being a Rep or Mod, going on facebook, inviting friends, showing up every day, etc.

I’m curious about this. Can you elaborate further please? How do the strategies differ?

Here, in Replay, if I have pocket cards of the same suit (preferably one a face card) and the flop shows two of the same suit, I’m staying in because I’ve still got two shots at the flush. Of course if there’s a pair on the board another player might be hiding a full house, so there’s that caution.

Here I took a gamble that one of the last two cards would be a diamond and it worked. It doesn’t always work but can be profitable when it does. I have pocket 7d, 9d. I didn’t fold but called and didn’t go in big until I knew I had the flush. Makes me wish I saw the other players cards to know what they were thinking.


I’ll let someone else judge your calls on the flop and the turn based on math, bet size and pot size, and assuming that the cards are being dealt randomly.

I don’t see much point in analyzing individual hands absent the context of the tendencies and patterns of all the players still active. Anybody can do math. Reading patterns and other players is more valuable IMO.
Will I call a 3,000 chip bet into a 1,000 chip pot hoping to hit a flush on the river? No.
Will I always fold if he math is against me? No.
That said, I’ll stick by my statement that in general, chasing flushes is a chip-winning strategy on Replay and a chip-losing strategy in other poker venues.

I am not surprised with these hands. You had the second best. Those are the biggest losers. If you watch the game carefully, these types are the cards that loses big and often. You should play them carefully.

Long drought and impatience due to, is the problem, you can try the other games.

Being in a hand is FUN.

Folding isn’t FUN.

Having said that, playing for “FUN” isn’t exactly a winning strategy. I’ve seen numerous comments above talk about playing quality hands. That’s sound advice, but it takes patience. It’s a skill that needs to be practiced. Here’s my advice (not that it’s any better than advice already give): If you play in ring games, stick to quality hands. If you feel like you just want to have “fun”, then get in a cheap or free roll tournament. Understand that your play style will vary between the two. I enjoy playing tournaments, and I enjoy ring games. It kind of depends on my mood. My advice may be a little atypical, but I hope it helps. I would say “good luck”, but instead I’ll just say “good play”.

please dont go

So my question is why?

I didn’t show my hand as a counter example- just as how I play that here in Replay. I’m genuinely curious why you believe using the same strategy would set me up for failure elsewhere.

Yes thats just bad luck, its actually poor play from the QJ to call such a big raise. he got lucky. It happens.

It happens to everyone right?? I was watching a top poker pro play live last night and he lost 4 buy ins within 30 mins… he clawed it back to nearly even and then he lost another 4 buy ins in the final 10 mins.

So it happens to the best of them.

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I actually suspect that Whittaker is correct that chasing flushes is expected value-positive (EV+) on Replay but EV-negative elsewhere. That’s not due to a defect in Replay’s random number generator, but because of the poor quality of play that I see on Replay. I’ll use the hand to which Daffodil linked by way of explanation.

Generally, people on RP are way more eager to “flat” (call the big blind) preflop than in other venues, where players are much more tight/aggressive. If fewer people fold preflop, then by definition more people see flops with weak suited hands. In this case, you’re six-handed, and everyone’s seeing a flop; in other venues with more tight-aggressive play, typically only 2-3 players would see a flop. Only about 40% of flops are rainbow (three different suits), and if there are six players going to the flop, that means you’re often going to have a player with four cards to a flush after the flop.

Once the flop comes, and someone does have four cards to a flush, what’s their equity? Roughly a third of the time, assuming no folds, that person will make their flush by the river. If I’m in that spot, and I’m fairly certain nobody has a higher flush than me, I’d be willing to call up to a pot-sized bet in order to recognize my equity. In this hand, the player holding 9d7d was calling 1200 chips in order to win 3480, so he’d need just about 25% equity to call. The odds are definitely in his favor, and a call was reasonable.

Daffodil’s turn play was probably a touch too loose. Facing another half-pot bet, you probably should have folded, though you did have decent implied odds. In other words, if the flush did come in, you could reasonably expect to over-realize your equity, unless someone else held a higher flush.

In short, the way this hand was played shows why people tend to see flush draws come in more frequently on Replay Poker than elsewhere. 97 suited probably shouldn’t have called preflop - and if it had been folded, there (probably) wouldn’t have been a flush at the end of the hand. Flop play was reasonable, but after the turn, a fold would have made sense… in which case there wouldn’t have been a flush at the end of the hand.

If you want to see fewer draws come in, you’re going to need to fold more often, and bet more often to get the other players to fold off their draws.


Thank you. I think that makes sense.

The argument is that since the chips here aren’t an equivalent of any real currency - you can’t use them to pay rent or for groceries- and some are simply given to you every time you show up, they have less intrinsic value and players accordingly play much looser.

Honestly, if I played that hand again, I’d probably have folded because the 9d wasn’t high enough to justify it. But… I’d been playing the table for awhile and had a sense of the other players. That was my intuition kicking in telling me to go for it instead of bailing. Which is not something you can measure. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

“I actually suspect that Whittaker is correct that chasing flushes is expected value-positive (EV+) on Replay but EV-negative elsewhere. That’s not due to a defect in Replay’s random number generator, but because of the poor quality of play that I see on Replay.”

If this is accurate, then isn’t it also accurate that a decent amount of the advice regularly offered on here is poor advice for people playing here.
Is the goal to make the mathematically correct poker play as if we are playing against computers?
Or is the goal to win chips?


I think the goal is to find out what the goal is :dizzy_face:


Well one thing seems obvious.
If one is consistently losing on here, one is not playing the game very well. And the game is “Replay Poker”.

One may be playing poker well, but not be playing “Replay Poker” well.
One be taking advice on how to win at poker, but ignoring advice on how win at “Replay Poker”.

And the folks giving you advice on poker may be taking your chips on “Replay Poker”.

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You are not alone my friend as I was almost always feeling defeated, in the tournaments especially. And well now I can absolutely agree with Aeryn and her 5 factors. I was def one of the “idiots” who would play loose when I first began playing Replay Poker only just a couple of months ago!! lol I played a lot of chips loosely, filling the accounts of many a fellow player, and spent a lot of all nighters yelling at the stupid computer because of my ignorance. I truly had one of my daughters convinced I was in jeopardy of finally falling off the deep-end and she was confused to say the least that I was taking this whole play for fun poker as opposed to real money so seriously, all the while saying smh every time she lectured me over it!! lol But to get to the point at hand I started playing at least 80% better poker hands compared to before I actually sat myself down, with the dog, lol and came up with a strategy of what hands were the important to bet and how high my hc had to be in order to even allow my finger to sway away from the fold button. And as my grandbaby would say “wella”, it was a definite date my pooch and I should have had long before I sat down in a Replay Game. Just have fun (easier said sometimes I know), and enjoy the game, good ppl you meet and best of luck to u my friend!!