Losing with winning hands

I play a lot on this site I was just in a game I had a straifgt 5 thru the 9 I lost to 2 pair a’s & 6’s. This happens repeatedly to me on this site. It just irrates me to have the best hand and loose. I truly like the site but repeated errors on winning hands frustrates me. I have been in multiple table tournaments and have lost my position in the tournament due to reblancing of tables.

Please provide hand number. Its hard to believe, becouse I play 212000 hand and never ever see something like thet.

Like Marcipan says we’ve never had any reported problems of losing hands winning against better hands. It’s very, very likely you’re mistaken, if you really think this has happened. Make a note of the hand id (it’s in the top left corner of the game window), so we can watch a replay.

As for table rebalancing during a tournament, please can you explain why it caused you to lose your position. Again we are not aware of any problem with this, so if there is something, we really want to know about it!

Paul, As a fairly new player maybe I can better relate to nebraskafats questions.

1- I thought this happened to me on numerous occasions, pressed replay last hand and indeed saw I LOST every time!

2- Tables are randomly rebalanced before each tournament starts so you can’t start out with the button… or next to Happiness! Just the way it is. Also, if you want to place your cards in front of you, use the twisties on the top right next to the speaker volume to spin the table

Hope this is helpful, wish someone had explained this to me-

Joe D

Thanks Joe :slight_smile:

Paul, You are welcome…

Now, what about the $12k in cash each month???


Joe, i dont see it.

Well spotted Joe. It must have said that as the page title for months if not years! We’re removed it now, it dated back to when we had plans on launching a subscription poker version of the site. Those are now on hold, but we’re still working as hard as ever to improve the site. In fact, we’ve got a few surprises in store for next week :wink: