Losing, losing, losing

Nobody bothers posting things that don’t seem “extreme.” Maybe the “problem” is more one of reporting than of actual statistical anomalies. If the 98% keep quiet, the 2% gains prominence by being vocal.


Interesting that many others claim they get beaten by the river all the time.

100 times isn’t a large sample and probably not a real number, and the 5% you quoted was a feeling, not a statistic.

Keep playing the math and you will eventually come out ahead.


Chance of what? Hitting the hand or winning the pot? Not all draws are created equal. I agree that a 15 outer should connect over half the time.

So now you are saying that you have kept detained notes? If so, why don’t you have an actual percentage instead of an educated guess? Assuming your numbers are actual data and not feelings, you would expect to have hit more often.

Your profile says you joined in june of 2018. That’s not 4 years. Maybe you had another name or another account?

100 examples is not a meaningful sample size. It doesn’t matter how many total hands you played. I don’t want to be insulting, but I don’t trust your numbers, and even if I did, 100 times isn’t statistically meaningful. Sorry, but it just isn’t.

Many people have complained that other people hit straights or flushes far too often. Without hard data, i don’t pay much attention to those reports either.

I really don’t see the point of me continuing. I hope your luck turns around, good luck at the tables.

10 hours a day at 50 hands per hour is 500 hands a day. Let’s say you didn’t play every day, and only played 5 days a week, that’s 2,500 hands a week. Let’s say you took 2 weeks a year off. That makes 250,000 hands played, not 50,000, and that only counts 2 of your claimed 4 years.

Can you see why I don’t trust your numbers? If you forgot at least 80% of your hands, maybe you forgot all those times you hit too.

OK, now I’m really done, good luck.