Losing chips before getting to a table

I was signed up to play Omaha 200k freeroll and had to keep hitting the play button 5 to 6 times which then knocked me out and I had to reload the page and when I finally got to the table 3 minutes and elapsed and I lost the chips that I was suppose to be starting with, this happen today 2/20/14 on the 10 oclock freeroll also why are you forced to use 2 cards out of your hand in Omaha. I only wanted to use 1 card and lost to a hand that I know I should have one others are complaining about the same thing is that the way Omaha is suppose to be played because when I was in vegas it was different there please look into these two things mostly losing chips before you have a chance to get to get to the table…thanks


In Omaha you must use exactly 2 hole cards and 3 community cards, that’s in the rules.

About losing chips before getting to the table. We’re working on improving getting players on the table and also rebalancing, so bear with us, you should see an improvement in the coming weeks.