Looking for bounty tournys

hi! I started playing tournaments a while back, and found I really like the format of bounty / knockout games. BUT, I have a hard time finding them. I see them on the dashboard sometimes (usually at late registration), and occasionally see one in the chat feed while playing another game. 99% of the time I cant see them on the MTT page. do I need to change settings somehow to see them?
even when i’m in one, I look on the MTT page & can’t find the bounty hunter i’m currently playing in…

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I would scroll down a few days and then hit ctrl f and then enter the word “bounty”…I just saw a bunch of them at different buy-ins.

Hi Starfishunter,
When you have the tournaments list, you click on Tournaments (on top of the list) and you get the list in an alphabetic order, then you just scroll down to the letter that begins with the tournament you want to play .
Hope this helps smile

PS I do have to add, the time mentioned on the example is GMT+1.

GREAT ! Thanks guys, it worked a treat!