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In Replay, I go by the name Saturns. I have been here at Replay off and on for several years. Id like to think of myself as a decent player, but really if going by bank roll, I rank in the millions. Over the past week, I have finished in the money on (5)15k fr freeroll tourney ticket tourneys, as well as made the money on (2) occasions on those freeroll tickets. Again, within a few days, I am back down to ranking in the millions.

I am writing this post, to request support, especially for increasing bank roll. I know there is info in other threads about this, I generally am the type who learns during action.

Ive read about support groups here and am not sure how to get involved. Anyone willing to coach or provide feedback zi would be very greatful.




Hi Saturns,
Right now the site is hosting a Omaha hi/lo ring promo, there is a lot of chips to be made playing the promos. Go to your promotions page to find out if there is something suited for you. New promos every week. My friend went from 1 mil chips to 18 mil chips in just a year, playing promos. There are leader boards for these promos with big payouts for the top 20 players, this week.
Hope this helps.

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I improved my game considerably by posting questions in the forums and trying out different advice.

Before that, I would replay my games afterwards and take notes, and observe what I was thinking at the time, whether it changed or not during the replay, and whether I missed something that I could pick up.

I also studied up on strategy by reading a lot, taking notes, and running different scenarios through an odds calculator.

It’s all helped. But if I told you the amount of time that I have invested in this, you would think I was crazy.


No, we wouldn’t–we’d think you were a poker player “in the making.” In the old days, we used to have to do all this by hand, sitting at our kitchen table, cursing, taking notes, and drinking beer. When the wife asks “Whatcha doing?” The answer was “Studying probabilities, dear.” Sometimes she even believed it.


I’m going to conservatively estimate that I have spent more time at this over the last year than I have been working my full time job, and I think it’s crazy :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hi Saturns, I sent you a friends request, and don’t mind answering questions here or in personal messages, I have reviewed some of the hands you played today, and might have some opinions to offer (but don’t know if you want it public or private) to you.
Also I can vouch for puggywug

He was so cute. When he 1st started, he didn’t know what side of the cards were up or down, and would hold 1 card in each hand (sometimes showing the wrong side to the table) Then he would have to set his cards on the table so he could put chips in the pot. Ahhh I remember it well. So cute!!
He has come a long way, and can now hold both cards in the same hand :):face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::rofl::face_with_hand_over_mouth::shushing_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I haven’t seen you play, but the fact that you are winning 15K tickets and cashing in some of those games, suggests to me that your problem may have more to do with bankroll management than actual game play. I have managed to build my bankroll consistently without risking losing too much. Everyone has a different style - I have seen players go from 3 million chips one day to nothing a couple days later because they moved to higher stakes tournaments or kept playing when tilted or on a losing streak. Sooner or later, everyone has a day or more when you just can’t win. When this happens to me, I play more freerolls, use tickets for buy ins and stick to low stakes until my unlucky streak ends.
There are many ways to build your bankroll. I have found that taking advantage of the extras is one of the best ways. I play the promotions and some leaderboards for extra chip payouts. The promotions also have the added advantage of getting you out of your comfort zone, which has made me a better player. Keep in mind that you can lose chips playing the promotions too. The best advice I got when I started playing promotions was to make sure I didn’t spend more than I stood to gain from the leaderboard. I took it one step further and earn chips from the games themselves, so that the leaderboard prize is all profit. I also recently started playing the Ruby league, which has weekly first 7 and best 7 leaderboards. By playing those tournaments, rather than just any one that catches my eye, it gives me a chance to win some from the leaderboard, as well as the tournament itself, and you might find yourself on the monthly low hold’em leaderboard as well.
If you send me a friend request, I would be happy to help with advice and any questions you may have.


I sent you a friend request @Saturns. Except and message me, I’d be happy to look at your play and see what leaks I think we could work on. We can do this in a couple different ways by me either sitting in the table lobby and watching you play or my going through a bunch of your hand histories. Let me know.

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I am cute, it’s true.


Very nice to see that you guys are helping each other out, and that some people are willing to almost coach some players, to help them to get better. Thanks JuiceeLoot, dayman, you guys are kind!

I would have loved to help you too Saturns, but sadly I won’t have enough time after August… Fortunately, there are other great people who were faster than me anyway, haha !n
Good luck in improving, people like you are the ones I enjoy most, willing to learn, to get better, while being serious at this game !!



@Saturns, welcome to the forums!

In addition to individual coaching, I recommend the following:

  1. Head over to the “Poker Strategy” section of the forums. There’s a LOT of great discussion about optimal strategies there. Ask questions about anything you don’t understand (What in the heck does “3! pre from the BTN facing UTG+1 open range” mean?). People are eager to share what they know and how they approach hands. It’s been immensely helpful for my own game. The Hand Review sub-section is particularly good.

  2. Subscribe to good poker YouTube channels that discuss strategy. Doug Polk’s reviews of the hands from Rounders were my intro to advanced poker theory. His channel, Finding Equilibrium, and The Poker Guys are great for theory, while I go to Jeff Boski and Alec Torelli for insight into a more exploitative style.

  3. After you’ve absorbed all that, pull up videos of pros playing high stakes, like a WPT final table. Try to guess, action by action, whether they will call, bet, or fold, and compare your guess with what they actually do. Once you’re pretty solid with their actions, try to guess their sizing when they bet or raise. Unlike at low stakes on Replay, ou’ll probably never see min-bets; preflop all-ins with 10BB or less will be fairly common; and you’ll actually see players 3- and 4-bet preflop - not necessarily all-in! - with hands other than AA and KK.

Finally, particularly if you’re having trouble building a bankroll, don’t discount the importance of stepping away from the tables to study. I probably spend close to two hours reading about or watching videos on poker strategy for every hour I actually play. You don’t have to go quite that extreme, but I’d shoot for a minimum of one hour of study to two hours of play until you feel comfortable with your winrate and bankroll growth.

Good luck on the tables!



I have been having the same problem.
I play a few games and win a few chips and my ranking has gone from 5000 to 6000.
I have asked the crew at Replay had to summarize there replies in 25 words or less - and they can correct me if I am wrong.
Your ranking depends on your peers. If you are 2million and win 5000 chips you will only go down to 1million if the 5000 chips you have won are greater than the number of chips your peers have won. If the other guys around you have won MORE than 5000 chips your ranking will go down relative to theirs and you could end up Mr 2+million even though you are in the chips.
Short answer is play more and win more.

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I know this is not the topic… for whatever reason I am not on facebook or twitter…but there is a way to get the password for the week…but I have forgotten just how…is there anyone that knows how and willing to share? if so…thank you very much in advance…lift308


Jan '18

The easiest way to get the PW (other than reading the Replay Poker Facebook page regularly), is from the MTT page. Select the Facebook Freeroll you wish to play in. When the “register” screen comes up, click on “Weekly Facebook Freerolls” in yellow just above the word “Register.” That will change you to a new screen. Select “Replay Poker Facebook Page.” Scroll down to the password. It’s usually the top or second entry and is posted for the whole week in advance of the games. The same PW is used for both the early and late game each week. Write the PW down if you think it necessary, then hit your “back” arrow twice to return to the “Register” area, and type in the PW in the blank white space provided. This may sound difficult, but takes literally only about 15 seconds and costs zero. Then don’t forget to play the event.
Good luck.

This reply was posted in another thread if this helps!

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