Logging in issue

I just signed up for replay poker and it will not let me log in, i bought this computer used a couple of days ago and this site was saved on the desktop and wanted to try it out, do you have to be invited to play, if so how

Hi last-n-loud

What happens when you log in? (use the tab “log in” upper right of the begin screen) On the next page fill in your nick name and pass word.

Please let us know. Greetings Happiness.

After you signed up, you should get activation email, you have to click on thet link in the email, then should be ok. Let us know

It will not let me log in at all, it says wrong user name and/or password, but I know there right because I have wrote them down as I was making them up.

The best you can do is send an email with all info to support@replaypoker.com. They can see what is wrong and help you.

I have done the activation process with no luck, thanks 4 your help

There were problems with multi accounts, please contact support by e-mail. Thanks.