Logged in-cant open table

logged in to play-game table wont let me on- losing 15,000 chips

Hi boeslager, sorry to hear that, we’ve refunded your 15,000 chips. So when the tournament started did you click to get your seat and then what happened? Let us know, so if it is a problem we can fix it. Thanks!

Thanx alot Paul, for your support. It seems it is an error with the connection service of this p.c. It’s a community computer and it recently lost the connection of “Foxfire” . which is the normal connection for web sites. I tried once more 2nite, and same thing. I get logged on, select multitable, sign up for the game. When green light comes up to join my table, only a black screen pops up, with the typical menu on its right side. However no gametable. :frowning: p.s tried again, lost the 15,000) When i was using the other site, your system works well. It must be on my end.

Ah okay, thanks for letting us know boeslager.