Log in replay

can you log in?

same here

I am in and see the peoples playing. No problem inside.

i keep trying but no luck cant even log in… lol… but gl to you !!

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I can go in and out without a problem. Sometimes helps this here on forum to come better in:


I had the same trouble with other apps today. I wonder what’s happening in cyberspace?!

Any updates on the Facebook login method? Seems like the app is not active. Is there a way to login with an email address without losing my profile and progress? Thanks

Hi, I am not able to log in with my FB and I have never not logged in without it so I am not able to get into my acct at all. ANY IDEAS?

Edit: just did a password change and was able to login

For those with Facebook issues, just request a password change using your username and check the email associated with your facebook account and create a password for Replay

I logged in fine just now, I can’t understand what crap book has to do with it, this is a poker website, not crap book.

You can play Replay Poker through Facebook.

I didn’t have a clue as I have nothing to do with that website. I only registered an account on Replay Poker and that’s how I play.

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Yesterday i played and had the message >Softwareupdate after this hand<. I think this is the problem. Today are many things very slow on the site. To open a table-window i needed > 2 minutes, errormessage in this time, to sit down on a free seat needed > 1 minute. And many such players on the tables, long time:



I think the update was ca. 3 hours before this thread here started.

i tried to change pw but still no luck

Hi Everyone!

Our Tech Team confirmed that Facebook authorization login is currently down, so sorry about that. Please login directly to our website www.replaypoker.com using any browser with your email address/username and password if you’re having issues with the app or Facebook login.

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just wanna say thank you Replay for taking care of me! your the best many blessing to all of you!

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Stil cant log in to poker with my facebook account how long is this going to stay because want to play but cant hope they fix it fast

still cant log in cause it aske my email iff i do that with my password from Facebook it wont let me in

go straight into replay site. avoid facebook login ,cause its down. so sign in right at repays site

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Unfortunately, logging in through Facebook is currently unavailable. :frowning:

This issue is only affecting the Facebook login authorizations, however, so you can still access the site and play! To sign in to Replay Poker, please login directly from our website https://www.replaypoker.com/login using your email address or username and password.

If you have any issues or do not currently have a password set up, please send us a message at support@replaypoker.com and we’ll be happy to help!