Log in problems

Usually have auto log-in but occasionally I am asked to sign in.My problem is I have only used three different passwords on this site,but none of them work.Then when I request to have my password changed,recieving instructions that a link has been sent to my e-mail address to change my password,I don’t get that e-mail until days later or not at all.What can I do to get a quicker response or will I just have to wait it out?

Hey Gatorspeed,

Please email us at support@replaypoker.com – we’ll be able to help and make sure the password stays secure this way. =)

Shouldn’t take too long!



I have had problems logging in today. It kept saying long running script and was non responsive. I was registered for a SnG tourney and by the time I got in I had been kicked out because I missed a few blind levels and got zero points. What can I do to prevent this from haooening?


I’m guessing it’s your browser cache or maybe an outdated cookie. Clearing those out should help. There are a couple other things to try, too: