Lobby stakes

In my lobby the table stakes are in no particular order and i find that very tiresome.
Is there a way to stack the stakes,tables from lowest to highest or vice versa so they are in some sort of order?

Thanks HoboSoup

I believe you are talking about the Ring tables?
There is a way … click on ‘Stakes’ and there you can change it


Hope this helps


I am talking about rings but i was wondering if there is a way to list the games from smallest amount to largest ?? It is ridiculouse that they are in no order just a mixed mess

HoboSoup… the rings and the sng’s are the same, click the stakes icon like Tiandra said and it will list them smallest to largest… you might have to click it twice but it will put them in order :slight_smile:

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You can choose the games, If you want them listed from smallest amount to largest or vice versa you can have that by selecting the ‘Game Type’ too


it doesn’t do that for me and hasn’t for months

You can also select high, medium, or low stakes, which narrows it down. To narrow it down further select the box that shows you tables with vacancies only.


Are you able to provide a Screen shot like this and maybe we can provide more help?

The above shows that the Stakes will be sorted Highest to Smallest.

The above shows your Lobby will only show available games which are not full or empty.

I hope this helps.

looking at the images you posted i think you misunderstand what Hobo is saying.
If you look under stakes you will see El Dorado 500/1000…Anchor’s Away 20/40.
I think what they mean is all 500/1000 games listed one after another all 20/40 one after another ect ect…just my take

I’m thinking the same thing also in order of denomination


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I just checked and noticed the majority was sorted correctly but at the very bottom of the listing were Stakes which were incorrectly placed. But, after I refreshed it was correctly sorted.

It appears there is a temporary problem which I agree should be corrected but it is corrected after refreshing the page.