Lobby Slow to Update

You have to update the lobby often. It has been about a month and the lobby does not update with the progress at the tables. Just a few minutes ago in a tournament, 25 and 37 minutes into the tournament had me listed as the buy in amount of chips. At one point I was 5k above and now I am out, but still has me listed as the buy in amount. I like (an I am sure others) to check out the other players at other tables as I play. Yesterday, 45 minutes into a tournament, I checked to see how many players started the tourney and it said 92. On the table it read 104 still remaining. The lobby should be updated within seconds of any changes. Certainly this cannot be a problem since when I first began nearly a year ago it was updated as games progressed. Thank you and love replay poker.

Hi dchasb

Yes it was very bad the past few weeks, it was very frustrating and annoying, sometimes only a bit delay in updating of the lobby pages and tournament lobbies, sometimes it was worse, long delay, or updating of the pop up lobby even stopped for a long time.

The staff is working on it, the past days the updating works much and much better again.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Greetings Happiness.

Yeah we released an update on Weds, that significantly improved the performance of the lobby. If you’ve tried it in the past few days, hopefully you’ll have noticed the improvement!