Lobby issues

the lobby is a freak show of inefficiency.no notices when playing another game, info is inaccurate,nothing seems to work.tell me different, please.i have contacted support many times, all i get is check me end.i know 100 players with the same problem.stuff is affecting leader boards and standings.

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On sit and go lobby is always problem, that was 2 years ago when i played there.

which Lobby, where , how, why ??? Input, neeD InpuT !!!

**When Lobby seems inaccurate (& you are right, it is inaccurate much of the time now), I close it out & hit lobby on the top right of the tourney I am playing to at least show some accuracy **

Thanks for letting us know about your lobby trouble, @boatdrinks! We’ve fixed some of these issues, but please let us know if you run into new problems with it. If you do see inaccurate information, please close and reopen or refresh the lobby, but we’ll get eyes on it ASAP so you don’t have to keep perpetually doing that to see updates. :relaxed: