Every so many seconds, a (loading) will appear in the middle of the screen. What is it for? Is it a refresh thing?

Yes, update some part of the page. Depend what page… like on lobby the seated players. ( its not real time, just periodical, put less on servers and user PC)

You’re guess is right, it’s to refresh the information on the page. Right now we’re transitioning from a system where we refresh the page every minute to pull the data from our servers to your browser, to an improved system where we push the data directly to your browser in real-time with no updating of the page. You can see this happening already with the players seated at the ring game tables, it updates in real-time. However some things like the sit&go tourneys still use the old system, hence for now we’re still re-loading the page. We’re working on a brand new version of the website, so probably you’ll have to wait until we launch it before we put to rest the awkward “loading” message.

Ok. I was wondering Paul, if you could include to refresh the messages also. So, if there is a new message, the refresh would show it. Instead of me hitting the home button again.


Yeah we’re planning on adding just that rick. The new version of the site will notify you immediately as soon as you receive a new message, no refreshing of the page required! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!