Live Poker Memories

I remember visiting Atlantic City in my early 20’s and wandering into a poker room.

It was my first experience and sat down and started playing my first hand

I had tunnel vision and once the betting started, I looked to my right

What I saw was three heads all turned my way and staring at me

I don’t remember much more, but I’m sure I didn’t win the first hand I played

They all knew I was a rookie

I did manage to win a hand

And I do remember the reaction of my opponent.

We wasn’t happy and reacted by standing up, and probably at that moment took a long walk

I didn’t care to watch much more of the reaction

I didn’t feel comfortable at all and I do remember that feeling and left the table soon after.

Curious to hear other players memories at live tables!

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You probably looked like and gave off the vibe of being a newbie. When you sit down at a table for the first time, you have to force yourself to look like you belong there, even if you don’t feel it inside. I had a friend who went to the Hard Rock in Tampa for the first time and told me he was scared to death. He did leave up over a hundred bucks, because as soon as he won he bounced.


I remember my first WSOP. Felt like i didn’t belong there.

My second time I felt at home especially after completing day 2 . What a grind before I got bounced early on day 3.

You gotta have a lot of stamina, long days.