Live 1 /2 or 2/2 cash game vs replay poker

i have a question:

several months ago i tried to play poker in the casino for the first time. first i played a tournament which did go really well, afterwards i tried a 2/2 cashgame twice, which did go very poorly.

but since i know of myself that i can have periods of good play and poor play, of course variance can be a reason, and maybe even difference in the skill of other players, and probably much more variables.

so because of this i would like to find out which was the reason so i can correct it, also since i heard on several forums that 2/2 should be easy to beat with solid ABC poker.

which is why i would want to ask which stake at replay poker is most comparable with live 2/2 cash games. meaning if i could beat that stake, i probably can beat 2/2 as well.

2/2 ??? Yiaz, more info plz.

same theory as a 1/2 cashgame. however the small blind is also 2 euro.
the casino where i came didn’t have 1/2 cashgames but 2/2 instead. they are also fairly short for a cashgame since they have a 50€ min buy-in and 150€ max buy-in

NL T. Holdem… Blinds (1)2/2… Buyin: (50.-150.) ???

Sounds like my Fav cash table @ TheVenitian(LV,NV) … T. Holdem 1/2 unlim(NL) not sure of a max buyin, I bought in for 200.

ok nice,
does that mean you have also an idea to which replay stake it’s most comparable?

I will msg you, I guess.

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From my expeience It’s hard to say. Free chips invite many Bingo studs,at least at the FR,1/2,2/4,5/10 where I have played. Sometimes(nee rarely), you can luck out and find a table that plays “right” (like the chips are real). But those games are as rare as hen’s teeth.Good Luck.

I have limited experience in live poker games in casinos, but in the few hundred hands (in 4 different casinos) I have played of $1/2, I would say it is most comparable to high stakes on Replay, maybe 20k/40k. Most of the players do not know the fundamentals of ABC poker, and they like to see a lot of flops. They do not limp quite as much as on Replay, which creates a different dynamic, but they still like to call too much. It is easiest to just try to get paid off with value hands. I would say I have won $275 on top of the $500 I brought to the table, over about 5 hours of play, so I would say it is extremely soft, but Replay is also extremely soft.


Everyone chases here right to the river. If they were in a live game they would need to bring 10 grand.

2 totally different worlds but I agree 1/2 would be in the 20/40K range.

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All casino’s have a few “regulars” at different stakes tables that will grind you down. Most lower stakes tables will also have a few donks, or so you hope. BUT what you don’t know ( for the most part ) is how much “behind” the player across from you has. Sure if you’re sitting and a player is drink’n/boast’n and rebuys wayy too easily… then sure you know he can afford to, but for how long. Obviously @ elite stakes live, you might recognize the players, thus knowing they can afford to be there.

Why I say this, is here @ Replay poker, I see frequently players on tables with huge differences in Bankrolls. I also see across ALL stakes levels, players playing what most of us would consider “Dumb donkish play”. You will see this on ALL ONLINE Poker sites and ESPECIALLY … all FREE Poker sites.

Consider this:
You have a 5/10 table here on Replay ( 9 ppl )… Now, you have 4 ppl trying to play “real” poker who are new and have small Brolls, you have 3 ppl that have 20x+++ the buyin, not new, feed’n off the newbs, and 2 ppl that have 200x+++ the buyin, yet insist in playing true bingo, or damn close to it…
You also have lets say Haggia Sophia or the next 1 up… yet the table makeup Broll wise is the same makeup… 4 ppl that have 2-3x the buyin, 3 ppl that have 20x++ the buyin, and prolly 2 ppl with 200x+++ the buyin…

I hate to break it to ya folks, but I see the same play makeup on both tables… and the stakes didn’t make a damn bit of difference, just where the decimal point lies and how many Zeros are behind it. In both examples… its more of strategy differences between 3 or more groups/types of players, that ends up giving us all, that impression of “online free poker”.

Since 1/2 2/2 is basically the smallest live blinds amount ( never seen .10/.25 or such live ) it will be a fair assumption that you will get a fair range of players as far as bankrolls/skill levels, you’ll just never know it for sure (bank). Pretty sure you’ll also find a wide range of strategies, but all will include “make money” , and thats not the same as “make chips” here. Having play’d both 2/5 FL Holdem and 1/2 NL , both live (and the NL table was in Vegas) … I have always felt that TheRegionals here @ Replay, play as close to “real” poker as you can get.


thanks a lot every1

great information so far :+1:

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