List players viewing a table or tournament lobby

Do you ever wonder who’s viewing your game, or waiting to get a seat? Perhaps you want to see who thinking of joining a tournament. The idea is to add a list of players who are currently either viewing a poker table or tournament lobby.

So that you know how many people are watching the game or tournament and who they are.

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great idea Paul. it be nice to know who is watching or when they leave the table

what about the mods? will they they be in the list to? It is good for us sometimes for just being there if players dont know…so we can observe.

No, sorry Paul. I dont like it at all. A waiting list would be better, but you shouldn’t be able to see who is viewing the table.

don care, but wonder how you list the people who not log in… as you dont have to be logged in to the site to see. I think this is surplus work all together and unnecessary info for the players. may distract some from play.

I Really Like The Idea Of Knowing Who is At the Table while you are Playing,If nothing else than just to Say Hello To a Friend. If the Moderators Feel they Must be ‘Sneaky’ and Not Be Seen,Then I question exactly what they think their job is?

I have Been an Administrator, a Tournament Director and a Head Tournament Director, With these Titles comes a lot of Power. How a Person in this Position Decides to Use This Newly Found Power Says A Lot About Their Personality and to Weather or Not They Should Be a Moderator.

Every Other Site I Have Played On Has This List of Who Is Watching, I Love The Idea Personally!!

I’m Excited!!

it is a great idea. to be able to see who is viewing table or when a person leaves a table instead of guessing if a person is still there or not

May I ask you…which poker sites “Has This List of Who Is Watching” ?? Pokerstars? Full Tilt Poker? and what do you know about Replaypoker moderator work?..they work very hard on this site…

Ok. Just let you know Im not sneaky and dont care what people chat. But if I had open a room I can see if too blue and read it, most of the time players argue thet time, if not I go away. Dont care if you see me on your list . When we got the moderator button on the rooms soon then I dont have to leve open rooms with notorious troublemakers. You should see this site 1-2 month ago… was a wild west !!! cheaters and harass all over. Glad thet time for this site is over.

Great to see some lively debate going on here, it’s what makes this community driven support site so awesome.

So I think, for example, it would be cool to get to the final table on a tournament and see there are tons of people watching, that would really raise the excitement levels. Re. the moderation issue. On the one hand I can see why moderators might want to be hidden so that they can catch the perpetrators red handed ,on the other I can see why a visible presence of moderators could be a deterrent for bad behaviour too, and some reassurance to everyone else. I imagine if we did add this, it would just show up as a number on the game window, which if you clicked would show a breakdown of who were guests and then list out the members.

Looking forward to other comments.

no that is sneaky i dont think people will be on their best behavior just because a moderator is there…what are you going to do? smack us on the hand? this is not high school …i think if a person is in a room we should be able to see them

We’ve added a counter showing the number of spectators at a table. Should we show who those players are if you click on the counter? Let us know what you think!

I think showing whos watching, seems quite silly, as those people probably just left the tourny.However, the number of spectators is fine. Most of the time if a person wants too talk, they just stay and watch anyway and speak to the person. Seems a waste and a bad distraction! There already is plenty of distractions with some players chat. And besides, they cant see flipped up cards. Can they? Im pretty new to these kind of things. I just like to play! Thank you!

hello, did you see the new mute button for other players on the mini profile?

:slight_smile: You can mute other players who in play in the room.

yes , spectators can see the flipped cards.

maybe on the 6-10 seat tables it might not be necessary but on the table for 2, it should be implemented. There is no reason for somebody to sit and watch and see what 2 people are saying. This has happened to me on just about every time I go on a table for two. When you have a spectator for an extended time, it gives one a creepy feeling like you are being stalked. Te user’s name should be revealed. blueboy1

Sure, I like the idea of seeing the names of spectators…why not? Watching is allowed , nothing wrong with that…when im hosting a league game i like to see who might be interested in our league…or at an open table, if I see who it is I might get up and give them a seat…whats so secretive about it all??

I want to know who and why watching !

This is a great idea paul, especially on a table for 2. No reason for anyone to watch and read for extended periods of time I’m all for it.

They should just show if the moderators are watching (Big Brother) and find a way to allow a player to mute another player off table.