Limit the amount of games played for Best 20 SitnGo

I don’t see how you can make this claim without any data to support it.

I assume Replay Poker is like every other competent operator and tracks their data carefully. If a promotion was negatively impacting volume, it wouldn’t last very long. I don’t know what the optimal blend of promotions related to SnG’s are for this site (or any site). I do know that SnG lobbies across all online poker platforms are in trouble and have been for some time. They aren’t organically drawing the volume required to be considered “healthy” any longer. As someone who enjoys SnG’s, I appreciate whatever they do to keep the games viable at all. If the games were drawing massive volume, there wouldn’t be promotions at all (or at least not as many).

The point is that while some promotions might appeal to a player, others might not. That’s just the way it is and its ok. The overall health of the platform / lobby / game type is the primary concern of the operator. It’s no different than in any other business or venture. Take advantage of the offerings you like and that suit you. Accept the fact that even the ones that don’t suit you are still having a positive impact on your experience. A store might sell items you have zero use for but if they didn’t offer them, they might not remain open to sell you the items you enjoy.

What data that’s available to us is contained in this thread. Every person responding supports placing limits on the promotions. Though limited in scope, the opinions seem to be stacked on one side of the question, and not only is this data, it’s all the data we have.

You understand statistics, selection bias and business models better than your comment suggests. While I’d love to banter with you about something interesting, this doesn’t qualify.

FWIW, I’m pretty sure I’m a person and I don’t support it :wink:

Be well.

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After 20 games you get less points unless you win the table. So anyone who has to be the leader no matter how many chips it cost then let them have it. I think 20 games for a weeks play is a good measuring point.

This is not correct you do NOT have to win … if you have any games that lets say you finished 5th all you have to do is finish better than 5th and you get the points difference .

After 20 games played you do not get full points.

Check out the Algharythem Sharon

It does not matter how many Astral League tournaments you play in one week, only the best 20 games will count towards your leaderboard rank.

Which is what I said … if you finished 9 one game and say you won 5000 points then your 21st game you finish 1st , which lets say is 15000 , you will be awarded 10,000 , which is the difference .

I am talking weekly not monthly Leaderboard … monthly you can actually lose points for going over the 120 game limit.

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Yeah, you’re somehow on the wrong track here. Works like this - for the weekly, NOT the monthly - and we’re talking about the weekly:

You’ve played 20 astral tourneys. From that point on, any score you get that exceeds your lowest counting score replaces that low score. Play a hundred times and who knows - you might be able to collect 20 first place scores as your “best 20.” Perfect score!! Yay!!??!!

(Challenge accepted. Now I just gotta figure out how to fit sleeping, eating, and bathroom breaks in for that week)

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As always the Replay Team are happy to see constructive feedback like this and although it is not likely to be implemented in the immediate future, it will be taken on board if and when we do restructure the SnG Leaderboards.
I looked at the Astral SnG Leaderboards and playing 20 is often enough to get a prize in the Best 20 Leaderboard of any.
Plus, the Leaderboard is weekly, so even if it is dominated short term by someone, they have to start over each week.
While there are indeed some players who manage 30 or more regularly, the idea of having Best 20 as well as First 20 is to offer a reward to two different types of player. Those who have time to play high volume and those who only have time for a set amount.

As for stats, I can share the October volume for all to see
Number of events played:


9 max are WAAAY more popular than 6 max because the points are higher.
I guess it is worth waiting longer for them to fill.

We check the trends frequently and will let you know any changes.



Well you knew I wouldn’t agree with you but no sense beating a dead horse… thanks for the response. I won’t make anymore suggestions , it’s a waste of my time and yours.


This is actually something that you might want to look into at some point. There is de facto no promotion for 6-max SNGs. Even worse, playing 6-max SNGs is effectively discouraged by the structure of the SNG leaderboards. If you play 6-max SNGs you are essentially giving up on being competitive on the weekly and the monthly SNG leaderboards.



I agree with you here. The fact remains: It is a game of probability, period.
If they wish to chase it so hard, I think we should let them try, while we may
benefit at our pace. The Turtle and the Hair.

I’m sorry but you misunderstood me.
Fact is, they’re not changing the rules.
I asked for a “time” card" when we are in the final stages, you start with 3k, you’re sitting happy on 45k with 2 other guys, and it is 3000/6000, or 6/12. Can we have a few extra seconds?
No. I don’t know why it is doable on most big games, but not here. I asked, they never responded. It’s a pity when you spend 90 gruelling minutes getting there, and they’re on top of you with a whip. Your idea is great, but I think that implementing it would take too much soft work, and maybe check with the gaming authorities? It seems hard to change anything.

Turtle and the hair on the Hare.

paul gould isn’t the owner anymore? how sad… :’(

Play your best 20 and quit complaining if it was best 30 then you would want 40.


I do see what Sharon is saying. I have considered trying to go for some sng leaderboards to beat Goatsoup cause I thought it would be funny and it would challenge myself but there’s no way I can put in the time commitment to play as many games although maybe if I am like super free for awhile I could but I doubt that will help.