Limit straddle bets

How about limiting straddle bets? One or 2 preflop rounds of betting is good. More is ridiculous and tedious. Live casinos limit rounds of preflop betting to move things along.

Hi bawdo, 

Thanks for sharing this idea, I’ll be sure to pass it along to the rest of our team for consideration. In the meantime, if anyone else has thoughts on this, we’d love to hear from other folks in the community. 


Didn’t know there was an option for straddling.

I assume you mean players simply raising prefop?

I’ve never been to a casino where the betting action was limited. In fairness, I don’t think I’ve ever played a live game where the preflop action took that long but I certainly don’t think it would be limited.

In online poker it is common for preflop betting to continue rising until both players are all in. I like watching it when it happens. It may take a little while longer than players just shoving but it is good fun I think.

Hi bawdo

Could you explain a little what you are thinking ?

Straddle bets are extra blinds pre-flop?

What games have you seen where there are more than one round of betting before the flop?


I believe I referred to straddle bets in error. What I meant was multiple rounds of preflop betting and raising…different from straddle. Live casinos limit that to help keep up their hands per hour and rake. Have been in games in Replay where it just keeps going until people start going all in just to end it. Usually done by ‘bingo’ players. Tedious and not fun.

Please make new thread about this, intresting, and I think this have some ground. When you did it, I just remove all off topic comment from this thread. ok? Tx