Limit amount of tables for one player to be on at single sitting

is there a limit to how many tournaments or table 1 person can be playing at one time?Seems that the most not all of players that run the clock down every card,and slow the play down,are trying to play more than 1 hand at a time in more than one table or tables.

Hi kitty2000,

We don’t have a limit on the number of tables you can have open at one time, which is a common practice with online poker. At the moment we don’t have plans to add any restrictions, but if it starts to become a bigger problem, we’ll definitely take it into consideration.

Cheers, Lesley

ok thanks for your reply. hey you pointin at me! lol

Clock burners are irritating I have to agree. But to be honest RePlay has one of the fastest betting timers (9 seconds if I recall correctly) I’ve came across (and I’ve been playing online cards since PokerStars first opened their doors) Heck, has a full 20 second timer. Also I am actually surprised that RePlay doesn’t offer an extra time check for people to fully consider their options while playing a hand, especially in an all-in situation because the timer here is so dang fast and we are forced to speed bet.

(edit) If RePlay does in the future take into consideration limiting us to only playing one table at a time then they should separate the two nightly tourneys (I like to play both the American ones) another hour apart (start the first one a half hour earlier and the second one a half hour later)…which in my opinion, they should do anyway, cause it really is a pain in the kiester to run these two tourneys at the same time because the betting timer is so fast.