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Olá. estou tendo problemas com os torneios de Ligas. Os jogos não aparecem para mim. Os ADM e mods já me adicionaram, mas os torneios no aparecem . Como podemos resolver?

Hello. I’m having trouble with League tournaments. Games don’t show up for me. The admins and mods already added me, but the tournaments don’t show up. How can we solve?

Hi Mart,
If you are talking about the open league tournaments then go to the lobby and click MTT tournaments on your preferences.
If you are talking about the private leagues, click on “leagues” from your drop down menu on the dashboard and send a friend request to whichever league organiser whose league you wish to join.
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Hello, thank you… But that’s exactly what I’m having a problem with, Dropdown menu, Leagues, I’m already subscribed to the league. But the tournament does not appear for me. I was directed to seek help with ReplayPoker, would it be here on the forum or elsewhere?

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Email they will help you get it right.

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Your welcome :+1:t2: