Life of 2.5 K tickets

It says my 2.5 tickets life runs out in 11 months. I have counted back to 1st of March 2021 and have won 253 since that date. I have been using them constantly and still have179. My question is will the use by date change otherwise the life of many of my tickets is only a few months from winning them?
Looking forward to a positive reply. Many thanks in advance. Bandit51


Your question isn’t entirely clear. I am going to assume that this isn’t some sort of “soft brag”.

As I understand it, any given ticket has an expiry date. The ticket that you use to enter a tournament is the “oldest” ticket.

If you win more tickets then they go to the “back of the queue” - the most recent ticket is the last that is used.

Hope this helps,

Hello Analyst01, Thank you for your reply. That is how I would have expected it to work too but for my screen to say only 11 months life left. Some time ago my 5k tickets changed from about two years back to five years so was expecting the same but when it changed to eleven months. Kind regards Bandit51