Lies or comedy?

I can absolutely guarantee that there is no random number generation in existence on this site. It is controlled by subroutines. I have sat at tables with 4 players - playing real cards as if at live money tables - and lost 57 straight hands. I have failed to trip up pocket pairs on the flop 27 straight times while sitting next to a player (high stakes) who had 4 pocket pairs in a row and tripped up on the flop 3 times (the only one that didn’t trip were the pocket aces lol). 23 straight times I have had open ended straight draws AND one to a flush after the flop without any of them hitting. Any official of this site who tells you that there is random number generation here is lying or engaging in some type of British humor because the odds against everything above happening to one individual aren’t long - they are astronomical and cannot possibly be explained as true odds and probabilities.

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