Letter to Santa

Dear Santa

What a year it has been

I have met so many new friends won a lot of tourneys, lost a lot of tourneys and Santa lets not talk about ring games as its Christmas and Tiggy needs to smile :slight_smile:

So Santa Replay here is my Christmas wish that I would like you grant:

You have given us great promotions for Christmas, but Tiggy thinks Replay Santa maybe not who (he/she/dog/cat/ goldfish) seems. Its Christmas and you Santa have Swag,

I can win chips in the great amazing unbelievable fantastic promotions you have lined up. But…

We all know Tiggy will loose those chips, REPLAY is for life and not just for Christmas - So how about it Santa dig deep and for every Christmas Promo won you get some Merchandise

I have never written a letter to Santa and I am 48 years young so REPLAY Santa this is up to you to make a Christmas letter and wish come true

No pressure

The Tiggster